Motto, Coat of Arms

Name & Motto

Victoria is the name given in 1887 to the medieval town of Gozo. That year it was also raised to the status of a city. In Gozo, it is still known to one and all as Rabat. The city of Victoria embraces both the Citadel, the ancient city of the island, as well as Rabat, the old town of Gozo. Rabat in Arabic and Archaic Maltese stands for suburb. The name first documented as RABBATUM in a notorial deed drawn by Andrea de Beniamin on 22 February 1455. its motto is A magna maxima From great supreme Minn kbira sal-oghla.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is Azure three hills Or one and two, upon a chief of the second the letters VR Gules; in other words, three hills in gold on a blue shield, the centre hill higher than the other two, with a golden band with the letters VR (Victoria Regina) in red at the top of the shield. Above the shield is a mural coronet with four echaugettes and a sally-port.